Launch of SonggoRitty’s first Informative Video – “SonggoRitty Harapan – Built For Life”


Check out our YouTube link to watch!

Launch of SonggoRitty TownHall Forum

SonggoRitty will be launching our very first virtual, TownHall Forum in IPB University Bogor Indonesia! 

The MCO or lockdown had opened up opportunities for each and every one of us to evolve, from you as a person to small and large businesses.

This will be our very first Live-Streaming Event and it will be Live-Streamed on YouTube and conducted on Zoom to share with you about:

  1. SonggoRitty’s Innovations and Technologies 
  2. Project Green Bean
  3. R.T.O.

Zoom will only be available to limited participants, but fret not, you can also access our YouTube link to watch the whole event LIVE!

Scan the QR Code to register for this event!

We will send you a link via email once you have registered!

See you at the event !


Launch of Live Streaming Event


SonggoRitty will construct a house to be transported on a truck all over Java Island, Indonesia. We will showcase this house to the Indonesian people as to how the house would look and feel. 


The House Dropping Event


The last stop of the live streaming event journey will be in Jakarta where we will launch the House Dropping Event. 


This performance is to prove that SonggoRitty’s houses are strong and resilient enough to withstand the similar impact of an earthquake. 


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