SonggoRitty's Integrated Building Systems

One of SonggoRitty’s pride creations are our IBS factories. With the help of our German partners, we were able to design and build our Integrated Building Systems (IBS) not only on land, but also on a ship!

Our factories are all equipped with IBS lines, which allows us to build our houses at rapid rates. An example would be; We are able to build up to 50 houses every HOUR, and up to 234,000 in a YEAR.

The factories on land is designed to help collect, breakdown, filter and process all of our raw materials. This factory will be located within an industrial park, with several other supporting factories located in the within the industrial park.

The factory built on a ship is designed to process all of the materials from the factory on land into its intended panel sizes and properties. The houses will also be assembled on the ship. 

Houses Built Per HOUR
Houses Built Per MONTH
Houses Built Per DAY
Houses Built Per YEAR
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