SonggoRitty was first incorporated in Malaysia in the year 1996. The meaning of the word SonggoRitty directly translate to “The Pillars of the Poor” or “Penyangga Penderita”. SonggoRitty have been growing immensely over the years, expanding into markets in Canada, USA, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia. We have invested a lot into Research & Development (R&D) for our materials as well as our factories.

With the resources invested in R&D of our products, SonggoRitty now have the capabilities to build affordable housing that are made of our innovative and patented technology. We focus on using engineered-wood such as Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Particle Board, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), innovated with our technology which allows our houses to be able to withstand most disasters. 

With the resources spent on R&D of our factories, SonggoRitty have the capabilities to build up to 300 houses in an hour, or 500,000 houses annually, at maximum capacity. The reason that we are able to build at such a rapid rate are credited to the design of our Integrated Building Systems (IBS). A unique element of our factories is that it is designed to not only be able to operate on land, but also on a ship!

SonggoRitty also uses our own patented Rent-To-Own concept. This concept helps and allows people in need to own a house without the hassle of obtaining a loan. 

Being a part of SonggoRitty’s Family, our tenants can reap the benefits that our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs offers. Our tenants will be covered by homeowners packages provided by SonggoRitty, such as Life, Medical to Savings.

Our Vision

Owning a house for every person or family in the world has always been one of the utmost necessities , priorities and responsibilities in their life. To be able to provide food, water, and a home for your family is of the utmost blessing. 

SonggoRitty’s vision is to help and provide each and every person in the world, especially those who are in need, to be able to own their very own house. They will not have to undergo the difficult process of obtaining a loan, but instead utilize our Rent-To-Own concept. 

SonggoRitty wants to ensure that everybody in the world owns a house, without tying them down to a long tenure as well as interest/riba payments that arises from loan repayments. 

Our Mission

SonggoRitty’s mission is to help alleviate housing shortages around the world by utilizing our IBS which can build houses at a rapid rate. 

SonggoRitty will also expand our Rent-To-Own concept, which is part of the New Economic Model of Affordable Housing. 

We aim to help uplift people in poverty, to improve their quality of life and to give them hope for a better future, for them and their future generations to come. TOGETHER WE CARE.

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