Why Us

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Green Home

Grounded by our core values, SonggoRitty prides itself in manufacturing Eco Friendly products. We believe in the importance of the conservation of the surrounding environment and through our products help try to contribute to a greener world. As said from the words of the man himself “It is our intent to create a brand that will come to represent the Benchmark of our industry for customer Safety and Quality. Our goal is to be known as the Flooring Company that introduced Space Age, Aerospace Technology into Hardwood Flooring, to provide beauty, style and comfort PLUS peace of mind for our clients and their families.” … Harry Phon of SonggoRitty.

Here are some of the reasons as to why your product of choice should be ours

  Structures meet international building code              Renewable resources

  Better performance in earthquakes and high winds   Reforestation

  Reduce environment impact and better control         Energy cost saving

  Versatile and adaptable                                              Fully automated

  Hassle free and easily replaceable parts                    Better quality control

Fire Retardants

The use of an advanced world-wide patented non-polluting fire retardant chemical product in the timber-based (engineered wood) house-building materials will ensure the safety of the houses built, whether single or multi-storey.