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SonggoRitty is a Malaysian-based company and since the inception of the company in 1996, SonggoRitty has been growing immensely over the years, from it’s early expansion in Indonesia to establishing offices in key markets within Canada and the United States by 2000. And even after seventeen years later, we are still pushing the boundaries of what our business could do. Expanding our market all across Europe, China, Japan, United States, Canada and Australia while gathering a team of 600 strong along with a 3,500,000 sq ft. of annual storage within our headquarters.

Now, SonggoRitty focuses mainly on building affordable homes in order to provide shelter for the people. Thus, the concept “Rent-To-Own” has been introduced, a futuristic method of owning housing properties. SonggoRitty also provides health, wealth, and savings management plans that are tied together with the “Rent-To-Own” concept under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.


 Unit 32-08, Mont Kiara Bayu, Jalan Kiara 2, Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Harry Phon 019 2218837  



The first notable history of SonggoRitty could be traced back to Washington DC, USA in the year 2000 where it started out as a modest company that sells flooring and housing components. It was not long before it was shifted to Montreal, Canada. This has witness a major growth in the business for the once modest company. It was here that the Quebec floor market along with ample supply of forestry provided a solid foundation that pointed the direction of the company into a flourishing growth.

In 2002, Mr. Harry Phon ventured out of his comfort zone to start his research and development on fire resistant wooden flooring. Driven by ambition and determination for a better tomorrow, the company finally saw a breakthrough in 2008 where his hard work paid off. While other companies have caught up with achieve the former with various coatings, none have done so with a feasible penetrant.

Today, SonggoRitty is still pushing boundaries, expanding to major markets all across Europe, China, Japan, United States, Canada and Australia forming a strong market base and with a clear vision of providing a better, cleaner and greener tomorrow.


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